The Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”) has issued its seventh directive for the gaming industry in Malta in 2019.  

The Directive on the rules applicable to Amusement Machines and Low Risk Games applies to gaming premises which only offer amusement machines or low risk games. While such premises are subject to the MGA’s gaming regime, they are exempt from the requirements under the Gaming Premises Regulations, the Gaming Premises Directive, the Gaming Player Protection Regulations and the Player Protection Directive. 

These bodies of rules are key to the operation of a gaming setup under the Maltese licence. However, it can be seen that the robust protectionary standards implemented in this regime should be applicable in accordance with the risk posed by a gaming operation. Hence, where premises only offer low risk games or amusement machines, it is not necessary to apply the same stringency as with higher risk entities. 

The MGA aims to promote Malta as a prime jurisdiction for gaming. This means modelling a regulatory framework that not only has robust, high standards, but one that is also adaptable to industry evolution and promotes business. is a firm with longstanding experience in the gaming industry. For advice on any related query, please Contact Us.