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MGA issues new Directive

The Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”) has issued its seventh directive for the gaming industry in Malta in 2019.   The Directive on the rules applicable to Amusement Machines and Low Risk Games applies to gaming premises which only offer amusement machines or low risk...

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MFSA Amends Financial Institutions Rules

The Malta Financial Services Authority has issued a revised version of its Financial Institutions Rules regulating the authorisation of, and conduct of business by, non-banking financial institutions. These modifications have been made with a view to aligning the said...

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Loot boxes under scrutiny by UK Regulators

Loot boxes have become a staple in a number of video games, particularly in massive multiplayer online games. Now, regulators in the UK are tabling a ban on them.  In video games, a loot box is a consumable virtual item which can be redeemed to obtain a random...

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